Products - Alkaloids

Alkaloids have a wide range of pharmacological activities including antimalarial, antiasthma, anticancer, cholinomimetic, vasodilatory, antiarrhythmic, analgesic, antibacterial and antihyperglycemic activities. Many have found use in traditional or modern medicine, or as starting points for drug discovery. Other alkaloids possess psychotropic and stimulant activities (e.g. cocaine, caffeine, nicotine) and have been used in entheogenic rituals or as recreational drugs. Sandmin India proide the extraction of Alkaloids as listed below:

SL. Product Name
1 Quinidine Gluconate/Sulphate
2 Berberine Hydrochloride/Nitrate/Sulphate
3 Brucine Pure Anhydrous/Sulphate
4 Hyoscyamine Sulphate/HBr
5 Colchicine
6 Papain
7 Thiocochicoside
8 Reserpine
9 Theobromine
10 Theophylline
11 Camptothecine
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