Products - Natural Food Colors

Natural food colours come in many forms consisting of liquids, powders, gels, and pastes. The natural colours or their blends have wide applications from food sector to pharmaceuticals, dyes and cosmetics. Sandmin India is a large producer of natural food colours in liquid and dry form. Lits of available products are as below:

SL. Product Name
1 Annato (Bixin) Oil /Water Soluble
2 Paprika Oleoresin Oil / Water Soluble
3 Caramel Powder
4 Phycocyanin
5 Chlorophyll Oil / Water Soluble
6 Purple Carrot Color Powder
7 Curcumin 95% ( Turmeric Color)
8 Red Beet Color Powder
9 Anthocyanin Colour Powder
10 Safflower Yellow Colour
11 Marigold Extract
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