About Us

Sandmin India is a leading manufacturer, exporter, importer and suppliers for various standard and specialty chemicals, natural & botanical herb extract, essential & natural oil. Our products includes various standardized Herbal / Natural Extracts, Natural Essential Oil, Natural & Herbal food supplements & Ingredients, Natural Oleoresins & Alkaloids, spices & spices Oil, Natural food colors, Botanical Herbs & powder, natural organic products. We serve various industrial needs from sectors like chemicals, pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical, Agriculture, Food Industries as per customer’s needs & specifications.

Sandmin India has developed a lot of phyto chemicals, natural &herbal extracts, chemicals compounds, synthesis & its allied products. If you require any derivative, then we assure the best quality product to suite your requirement with 100% satisfaction. We have the best-of-art infrastructure to develop your product with most effective, environment safe and quality standards.

Our extensive experience led us in establishment of state-of-the-art laboratory and plant in a pattern to suite the development of most of the natural & herbal Extract, natural & spices oils, natural oleoresins & Alkaloids products & derivatives. We have a productions capacity of grams to tons of products.

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