Environment & Safety

Sandmin india always takes into consideration all factors affecting the environment and continuously strives for a clean and green environment. All of our laboratories and units act in accordance with the standards and necessities of the state pollution control board. All of the units are very wel l equipped with safety gadgets and equipments required to overcome any unexpected incidents in the premises. Sandmin india is totally committed towards the clean and green environment and takes all necessary steps to abide our commitment.


Safety is always at top priority and a major value for sandmin india we believe that along with the safety of environment the safety of all people working with us, living in our surroundings and our customers is also our major look out. Right from sourcing the material, manufacturing, storage and distribution of final products we take all safety precautions to ensure overall safety for all.

Sandmin india arranges special sessions for each employee and associate member of the team to create awareness of the safety measures and necessities required from time to time.

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